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Geraly Unite-O'Day* started drawing as a child, studying and copying doodles left on a notepad, by her mother, next to the telephone.  Around the same time, her grandmother taught her how to sew - first, by hand and later, by machine.  Her first successful attempt at writing was a 5th grade award winning sci-fi short story about power hungry extraterrestrial potatoes with laser shooting eyes invading earth.  

She continued her education at Columbia College Chicago where she studied Fashion Design/Illustration and Poetry.  

After graduation, she worked in the production depts. of various apparel companies (in Chicago & San Francisco) for 10+ years. After marrying Mr. Great Guy, becoming a mother, and drawing, writing & sewing for her children, she rediscovered drawing, writing & sewing for herself again.

She enjoys drawing,sewing, writing/blogging, daydreaming, movie watching, crafting, knitting, lindyhopping and reading (about all the aforementioned things).
(*Geraly (the G is the same G, as in Gerald or Geronimo) rhymes with Sara Lee.  Unite is pronounced oo-knee-tay)

Any news that's fit to print can be found on my blog:  
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